Public Holidays in Namibia are determined by an Act of Parliament and the existing Public Holiday's Act 1990, (Act 26 of 1990), provides for the following holidays, tabulated according to their dates and days:

Date Holiday

1st January

New Year's Day

21st March 

Independence Day

3rd April 

Good Friday

6th April 

Easter Monday

1 May 

Workers Day

4th May 

Cassinga Day

        14th May          Ascension Day
        25th May          Africa Day
        26th August 

Heroes' Day

10th December 

International Human Rights Day

25th December 

Christmas Day

26th December 

Family Day


According to the Public Holidays Act, 1990 (Act 26 of 1990) the Monday, following a Sunday which is a public holiday, shall also be a public holiday, unless the Monday is already a public holiday.

Further note that the Embassy closes on all the above public holidays including those observed in Finland.


 9th February    Constitution Day
 16th June    Day of the African Child
 28th September    Day of the Namibian Child